Eloptio: navigate and optimise

Eloptio for individual users

Eloptio app has been developed for electric car drivers.   

Eloptio supports you in driving smoothly along your routes. Based on the characteristics of the specific car, the route, the driving style of the specific driver and the battery level, it calculates the real range of the vehicle. It allows the charging station to be matched to your car model or fleet of cars.  

Eloptio dla użytkowników indywidualnych

The app checks whether the battery level will be sufficient to cover the entire route or not. If it is necessary to charge the vehicle, charging stations will automatically be added to the mapped route. Eloptio will indicate the most optimal stations along the route, taking into account individual needs (e.g. plug type, power, number of stations).

Importantly, Eloptio continuously analyses the driving style of the particular driver. This allows the route to be tailored to the individual and their driving style. 

optymalne stacje na trasie
dopasowanie trasy

At the end of each trip, a report is displayed to help optimise the driving style for increasing the vehicle’s range.

Eloptio’s app for drivers is characterised by its great ease of use. It makes it easier to plan journeys, especially long ones. Thanks to the app, time is saved on searching for electric vehicle charging stations and driving comfort is significantly increased. 

Main functionalities of the Eloptio application for drivers:

algorytm optymalizacji trasy

route optimization algorithm

wsparcie podczas nawigacji

navigation support

analiza stylu jazdy

analysis and reports of the driver's driving style

głosowe wprowadzanie poziomu baterii

voice input of battery level

personalizacja profilu użytkownika

personalisation of user profile

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