Eloptio: navigate and optimise

Eloptio for business

Eloptio is an app that will effectively drive customers to your business and streamline as well as optimise their journeys 

eloptio dla biznesu

Eloptio’s business offer is aimed at: 

właściciele firm

business owners such as: car washes, diagnostic stations, hotels, restaurants, etc.

partnerzy technologiczni

technology partners such as: manufacturers of charging stations

Eloptio guides drivers to their destination and optimises the route taking into account charging stops. It can also effectively help your customers reach your charging station or encourage them to use other services offered by your company.   

Eloptio can be either a stand-alone application or a module of a larger app ecosystem, e.g. as part of a customer relationship management software, loyalty program, charging station management system, etc. 

optymalizacja trasy

If you want to find out:

– how Eloptio can support your business in building good customer relationships,  

– how Eloptio can help you reach more prospective customers,  

– how we can help you manage your network of charging stations   

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zarządzanie flotą samochodów

We also offer an intelligent system for managing electric vehicle fleets and charging stations.

The main purpose of the application is to optimise the costs of introducing and maintaining low-emission transport by companies. The algorithm makes it possible to make efficient use of the resources of any company that has its own fleet of cars.   




The application is made up of several modules. Their cooperation enables the user to use a comprehensive system to:  

  • support in investment decisions (in terms of the selection of vehicles and charging stations) and operational decisions (management and modifications in the fleet, as well as the infrastructure owned),  
  • manage the electric vehicle fleet and charging stations 


The application takes into account the number of cars and the routes taken by the company’s employees. The software shows the company owner when and in what quantity to replace the next combustion vehicles with electric ones, as well as how many charging stations and with what parameters they should install.    

chargers and fleet management system for electric cars
usprawnianie zarządzania flotą

Our system improves the management of car fleets and charging stations, in areas such as scheduling vehicle charging (e.g. when there are fewer charging stations than vehicles or so as not to exceed the contracted capacity), ensuring periodic maintenance, performing daily maintenance activities, among others.   

Electric vehicle fleet management software enables and automates the process of booking vehicles with adjustments to journey lengthpromoting electric driving 




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